Remember Me

Out June 17, 2018

Hello and welcome to my website. You’ll see below some of my songs, performed both by Akron’s Chuck Auerbach Band and by my friends in a loose group headed up by Michael and Kathy Grady (Grady and Grady). I’ve included lyrics below each performed song and there are additional ones under the lyrics popdown.

Songwriters and Musicians: If you're interested in creating your own songs using these or other Chuck Auerbach lyrics, check back as we continue to add more of my material. The current crop are all listed in the Lyrics section of the menu.  Contact sheet below.

December 28 brings a nice surprise from the Cleveland Plain Dealer (reviewer Chuck Yarborough), for their list of the top concerts there in 2018. Not only is son Dan listed for his solo album show “Waiting on a song,” but yours truly is highlighted at the Number 11 (bonus round!) spot for our show at the Beachland Tavern this year. Thanks to my band for helping spotlight my lyrics and for a fun show that Chuck evidently appreciated! Here’s the link:

Photo: Chuck Yarborough at the Beachland Tavern

Photo: Chuck Yarborough at the Beachland Tavern

We’ll be posting a version of Chuck’s new song Ace of Fools closer to the time of the Soup and Song event scheduled for January 18th in Akron. Check back soon. Meanwhile…happy holidays to all!

So here we are in November, and I got asked to play an opener at that old Akron standby, Annabell’s at Highland Square. My old friends Grady and Grady joined me and came up with this ditty for the song ‘That Guy on the Corner.’ Lyrics follow the video.


That Guy on the Corner ©Chuck Auerbach 10.2018

A day doesn’t pass I don’t see him

A bottom’s up bucket his throne

Covered in rags, all he owns packed in bags

No money, no name and no home

Hope the light’s green when I pass him

If it’s red then I got to pretend

I’m busy, in deep conversation

Like the fate of the world’s in my hands


Oh but everything’s coming up roses

Ain’t got a care in the world

Just got a raise, it’s the best of all days

(But then there’s) (Except for) that guy on the corner

Where does he go when the day’s done

How’d he end up in this life

Something he did or he didn’t

Take a fool to think it’s alright

Who’s gonna speak for the voiceless

Who’s gonna stand and ask why

We need a daily reminder

But for the grace of the Lord, there go I


October 2018

Just spent a grand evening in Akron about protest. Guess many of us were in the mood to share our frustrations via song. Here’s me performing a new song with Grady/Miller at Jilly’s Music Room in Akron. It’s called ‘The Stranger.’ Lyrics below the video.


The Stranger (© Chuck Auerbach)

Every couple years, there comes a stranger

Big old smile, bible in his hand

Looks like you and me, and all the neighbors

But he’s the devil, dressed up like a man

He says the flock is lost, but he’s the shepherd

Don’t you fear, he’ll lead us all back home

Got the only line that runs to heaven

God speaks to him, speaks to him alone


It’s lonesome folks, just looking for some comfort

Like sheep to slaughter, never slow their pace

They see the light of Jesus, in the stranger

Like moths into the flames of his embrace

The stranger’s got a way to hypnotize you

Makes you think it’s him, who’s sacrificed

But he ain’t done a thing, or give up nothing

While every one keeps paying with their lives

Chorus Solo

The righteous ain’t the ones that’s making weapons

Or blood-soaked money, tearing up the ground

Or building churches, trying to buy their blessing

But none of them are ever heaven bound

"Red Sails" and "Relaxation": an oddly glowing (and charming) review of my album "Remember Me," from a blues magazine in the Netherlands. I'm not fixing the Google translation!

Text: Peter Marinus (in Dutch).

"It is a nice fact that an artist is always supported by his father and his father gives an album as thanks. That is the case on the album of Chuck Auerbach , the father of Dan Auerbach, whom we know as a member of The Black Keys and now also as a renowned producer. Chuck was sporadically occupied with music and held jobs as a social worker, forester and antiquarian...

It has become an album with wonderfully relaxed music with influences from the blues and the country. An album that you would like to put on during our hot summer.

In the wonderfully languid Sylvie the obvious JJ Cale influences can be heard. That sound hangs over the entire album. Chuck has a soft, fragile voice that fits perfectly with this music. The languid accordion and the sparkling guitar work also stand out. Chinaman is a lazy shuffle with a warm humming bass and brightly piercing guitar. The song is reminiscent of "Red Sails In The Sunset". Desperation is a sultry bluesy shuffle with hard organ licks and twang guitar. A song with a threatening and desolate sound.
The Long Time To Be Lonely ballad is pretty soulful with a wonderful tingling piano and crying pedal stem. As beautiful and relaxed is the ballad I'm So Sorry with Chuck's intimate whispering vocals and the languid accompaniment. If You Left Me is a heaving song with a early 60s rhythm & blues sound, complete with warm floating organ and deep twang guitar. Not only Ian Dury wrote a song about his father. Chuck also has one, My Old Man . A very fragile ballad. In Bottoms Up , the JJ Cale sound is mixed with nicely surging rockabilly with piercing country guitar.
Finally, the booming slow blues shuffle Some Fools passes by with hard angled guitar riffs.

Father Auerbach and his son have delivered a wonderfully relaxed album, which will certainly appeal to the fans of JJ Cale."

Here's "Bottoms Up," about hypocrisy, not religion, and is one of my favorite songs that the band plays. Lyrics below it. Enjoy.

Bottoms Up (©Chuck Auerbach "Remember Me")


Every Sunday morning .. on the tv

Blown-out silver hair, cold blue eyes

The angel choir sings, as the most reverend

Picks the pockets of the faithful, with his lies



Step up .. the kool-aid's ready

Heaven's just ... one sip away

Don't be shy. .. the lord is waiting

Bottoms up .. .it's judgement day

(last) bottoms up .. .it's judgement day


Tears come streaming down, as he confesses

To all the pain he caused, 'for he was saved

And though old Satan baits him, with temptation

Praise Jesus, he ain't ever lost his wa


Tell me, why's it always happen to the poor folk

Some bible-thumping scoundrel, picks 'em clean

When are they ever going to learn, the only devil

Is behind them blue eyes, on the tv screen

Cathy Grady, member of my Akron live band, takes a Chuck song and turns it into a country soul masterpiece. It's called "Time After Time."

Time After Time  (©Chuck Auerbach)

Heard somebody say they made it alone
With nobody’s help, all on their own
Well if it’s the truth, how lucky they’d be
‘Cause I know the truth is so different for me

Time after time, it comes back to me
That even the fool that I am has no trouble seeing
Everything that I am, that I’ll ever be
Is only because of you loving me
(last) Everything that I am is you loving me

There’s been some hard times in my life
When living or dying was a roll of the dice
But with you by my side, all the woes of the day
Like a dream, as you wake, just all fade away

Here's a nice ditty worked up around a song I wrote, called simply "Jenny."  With lyrics.  Thanks to my Akron live band for the hand!

Jenny (Chuck Auerbach)

I drove hundreds of miles to nowhere
For a different point of view
But all I got for all that driving
Was a ton of missing you

Every girl I met, everywhere I went
Was a shadow of what I knew
And the longer I stayed on the road
The more I thought of you

Oh Jenny, why did you ever leave me
Without pinning me down, reminding me you’re everything I need
And Jenny, already know that a fool I been
Gonna head back home, hope to god you’re gonna let me in

I went from town to town, driving all around
Looking hard for a pot of god
When if I’d opened my eyes, would have seen the prize
Ready waiting there for me to hold

But I was young and dumb and I couldn’t see
What’s plain to everyone but me
Should have stood my ground, quit looking around
I had everything I need


Here's a song worked up by my Akron live band, with lyrics, called "It's Only Words," which I wrote fairly recently. We played it at our show in May. Enjoy!


It's Only Words  (©Chuck Auerbach)
It's only words, she don't mean it
She just needs a little time
Cause it's hard, knowing your future's
Given up, even trying
All the hopes, all the talking
All the plans and all the years
Swept away, like they was nothing
Leaving ashes, leaving tears
She gone, and who could blame her
After all I put her through
Hope she finds all she been looking for
And all of them dreams come true
(last) Hope she finds all she been looking for
And all of her dreams come true
Give her time, what they tell me
She'll come back, she did before
But we ain't kids and she ain't kidding
And she ain't walking back through this door

Meet the band!  Chuck introduces his awesome Akron live band at the Jilly's show, May 2018.

Here's the live version and lyrics of the song "Chinaman," as recorded with Chuck's band in Akron (arranged by Dan at his Easy Eye Sound for the album Remember Me).  Enjoy!

Chinaman  (Chuck Auerbach)

Not the man I used to be, can't do the things I used to do
Run around, raising hell, never thinking nothing through
Like who I hurt, who I lost, all the bills left unpaid
Never thought about the cost, never got in my way

Call me old and call me stubborn, call me just what I am
Just an old dog digging, till I meet a Chinaman
(last) just an old dog digging, till I meet a Chinaman

Not the man I used to be, and the world ain’t like it was
My old friends up and gone, left the old life in the dust
(but) Me I hung on, like the fool, I worked so hard to be
Spent a whole life going nowhere, and no where is
where I want to be


"The Lonely Hour" is the first new song and lyric we're going to load from Chuck's 5.30.18 set at Jilly's Music Room in Akron.

The Lonely Hour (Chuck Auerbach)
The lonely hour, right before dawn
‘Fore darkness fades, sun comes along
The emptiness, I never knew
Grows and grows, without you

Even a blind man could of seen
What lay ahead of me
Ain’t none so blind as them
Who just won’t see
It’s why the time I dread the most
Is when I’m laying with your ghost
In that long, lonely hour before first light

That lonely hour, drags on and on
Wasted prayer, chances gone
An honest man sleeps all night long
But I toss and turn, waiting for dawn

And so it goes another night
Don’t nothing change or come out right
With every beat I die anew
I lost it all, when I lost you



Remember Me dropped today, 6.15.18!  Chuck's finely crafted and heartfelt lyrics were brought to life in 9 songs produced and arranged by his son, Dan Auerbach, at Easy Eye Sound in Nashville. One of them, "My Old Man" (showcased below), is a very personal ode to Chuck's own father Walter. Happy Father's Day indeed.

Chuck has many more lyrics "waiting for a song". The musicians in his Akron band added some more to the mix and were filmed live. We'll start adding them to the site soon, above.

Musicians can contact Chuck about creating music around any of his lyrics on the info page below. Musicians have free reign to create in any song genre. Lyrics from the album have been marked as such, others will be added over time under the lyrics pop-down. 



Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 1.49.13 PM.png

The cover art features the bracelet his father, and American GI, gave to his mother in England in 1943, when he left for Eastern Europe.



"My Old Man" features vintage photos of the family.

My Old Man (Chuck Auerbach)

I held to his hand, like he’d held on t’ mine
Like if I held fast, he’d get more time
But his sickness come on, like a thief in the night
An’ the man, my old man had lost his fight

I was always the kid, him my old man
’Til ma called cryin’, changed the plans
We did what we could, but there’s never a chance
When the devil wants his turn t’ dance

So lord if you please, ‘cause I don’ understand
Why y’ couldn’t reach out, give him a hand
An’ tell me again, help me, please, understand
Why y’ couldn’t leave me my ol’ man

He’d worked all his life, never asked for much
A meal, a whiskey was enough
Raised without love, since he’s three
Alone, no one but ma and me

The last day I saw ‘im, last one alive
Withered and spent waitin’ t’ die
But deep in my sons’ eyes, I’m sure I see
My old man, lookin’ back at me



The Man

Photo courtesy of   Janet Macoska

Photo courtesy of  Janet Macoska

Despite raising a Grammy-winning musician, Chuck Auerbach had never put much thought into making a career out of music himself. The elder Auerbach didn’t make his on-stage performance debut until age 66, but he has been honing his lyricist craft for years. His first album, Remember Me, showcases his innate ability to convey the stories of his well-lived life through song lyrics. The album of nine songs, which will be released on June 15th to coincide with Father’s Day, was a collaborative effort with his son Dan Auerbach, who also produced the record, and features some of Nashville’s finest musicians, including Dan, Kenny Vaughan and Dave Roe. 

As the son of an immigrant and a first generation American, a strong work ethic was engrained in Chuck from a young age. His father instilled in him both the importance of providing for one’s family and his love of jazz. Chuck also quickly immersed himself in rock and roll, which shaped his musical style.

After his son burst into the music scene in the early 2000’s with his band The Black Keys, Chuck’s love for music resurfaced once again. He and Dan began writing together, earning him songwriting credits on Thickfreakness and Keep It Hid. As a local of Akron, Ohio, he immersed himself in the music scene there, singing his originals acapella at open mic events, which resulted in several local bands performing his songs. In 2014, when he began working with Kenny Vaughan in Nashville, he was encouraged to perform his own songs and that captured his energies.

Chuck collaborated with Dan, Kenny and musician Corey Chisel in Nashville, to record the album he had spent years crafting and which he named "Remember Me." Within a few weeks, and with the help of A-list musicians, the entire album was completed at the Butcher Shoppe and it was mixed and released with additional musicians - Russ Pahl and Richard Swift - at Dan’s Easy Eye Sound Studio.

Chuck  wanted to make sure that Remember Me showcased the events that had influenced his life in every aspect, from the songs to the cover art. The “remember me” bracelet that Chuck’s father, a World War II Veteran, gave his mother, a refugee he met in England, upon receiving word that he would be shipped to Russia in 1943, graces the cover. The album is a testament to the influence of the music from his youth. David Fricke of Rolling Stone calls the song “My Old Man” a “memory lane of plaintive groan and upright bass.”

Now at the age of 68, Chuck Auerbach is finally ready to step into the spotlight, age aside.

The Bands


Akron, Ohio live band (l-r):

Russ Flannagan // Keyboards

Kevin Martinez // Upright and Electric Bass

Cathy Grady // Violin, Viola, Guitar, vocals

Michael Grady // Elec. and Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, vocals

Chuck Auerbach

Danny Tommy Jenkins // Percussion


Nashville studio band (l-r):

Pete Abbott // Percussion

Kenny Vaughan // Guitar

Cory Chisel // Production

Dave Roe // Bass and Vocals

Dave Ferguson // Studio space

Dan Auerbach // Production, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Chuck Auerbach

Sean Sullivan // Recording Engineer

Bobby Emmett // Keyboards and Vocals

Dante Schwebel // Guitar

Not shown:

Russ Pahl // Pedal Steel Guitar

Richard Swift // Vocals

Colin Dupuis // Engineer

Recording Remember Me.jpg


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