Ace of Fools ©Chuck Auerbach

Tell me why, please tell me why

I’d leave them sweet lips

That used to whisper all them sweet things in my ear

Walked away, like I had some kind of reason

To leave her standing, dropping all them tears

And tell me why, please tell me why

I left them loving arms

That held me tight, in the cradle of her love

And tell me why, when a man’s got everything

He’d toss it all, walk away, give it all up


Just give it up, like our love had reached the end

Like another love’s just waiting round the bend

Like I’m the man, the man writes all the rules

(No) I give it up, cause I am the ace of fools 3X

So tell me why, please tell me why

I’d act without thinking

That I ain’t gonna suffer, no regrets

And walk through life, like I’m the only one that matters

And this girl, I left in tears, would soon forget