Bottom's Up (©Chuck Auerbach "Remember Me")

Every Sunday morning .. on the tv
Blown-out silver hair, cold blue eyes
The angel choir sings, as the most reverend
Picks the pockets of the faithful, with his lies


Step up .. the kool-aid's ready
Heaven's just ... one sip away
Don't be shy. .. the lord is waiting
Bottom's up .. .it's judgement day
(last) bottoms up .. .it's judgement day

Tears come streaming down, as he confesses
To all the pain he caused, 'for he was saved
And though old Satan baits him, with temptation
Praise Jesus, he ain't ever lost his way

Tell me, why's it always happen to the poor folk
Some bible-thumping scoundrel, picks 'em clean
When are they ever going to learn, the only devil
Is behind them blue eyes, on the tv screen