Desperation  (©Chuck Auerbach "Remember Me")

Gonna drink a beer with Jesus
The only one ain't mad at me
Tell him my troubles, the reasons
I’m not the man that I could be

Day by day this life gets rougher
The more I fight the, less I win
Growing weak, not getting tougher
My will to live, is wearing thin


Thank the lord, for desperation...                 

Or I wouldn't feel at all...
Spent my whole life celebratin ...
How far a man can fall

Just a drink away from better
Another shot is all I need
To make a man out of a beggar
Break the chains that's holding me

Everyday the same old story
Waiting for the page to turn
In the meantime I’ll be working
On another bridge to burn

All night long I hear the beating
Of a life gone on too long
Never thought this life I’ve wasted
Would go, on and on and on ...
It goes on and on and on ....
(slower) on, and on, and on