Jenny (©Chuck Auerbach)

I drove hundreds of miles to nowhere
For a different point of view
But all I got for all that driving
Was a ton of missing you

Every girl I met, everywhere I went
Was a shadow of what I knew
And the longer I stayed on the road
The more I thought of you

Oh Jenny, why did you ever leave me
Without pinning me down, reminding me you’re everything I need
And Jenny, already know that a fool I been
Gonna head back home, hope to god you’re gonna let me in

I went from town to town, driving all around
Looking hard for a pot of god
When if I’d opened my eyes, would have seen the prize
Ready waiting there for me to hold

But I was young and dumb and I couldn’t see
What’s plain to everyone but me
Should have stood my ground, quit looking around
I had everything I need