My Old Man (©Chuck Auerbach "Remember Me")

I held to his hand, like he’d held on to mine
Like if I held fast, he’d get more time
But his sickness come on, like a thief in the night
And the man, my old man had lost his fight

I was always the kid, him my old man
Till ma called crying, changed the plans
We did what we could, but there’s never a chance
When the devil wants his turn to dance

So lord if you please, ‘cause I don’t understand
Why you couldn’t reach out, give him a hand
And tell me again, help me, please, understand
Why you couldn’t leave me my old man

He’d worked all his life, never asked for much
A meal, a whiskey was enough
Raised without love, since he’s three
Alone, no one but ma and me

The last day I saw him, last one alive
Withered and spent waiting to die
But deep in my sons’ eyes, I’m sure I see
My old man, looking back at me

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