That Guy on the Corner ©Chuck Auerbach 10.2018

A day doesn’t pass I don’t see him

A bottom’s up bucket his throne

Covered in rags, all he owns packed in bags

No money, no name and no home

Hope the light’s green when I pass him

If it’s red then I got to pretend

I’m busy, in deep conversation

Like the fate of the world’s in my hands


Oh but everything’s coming up roses

Ain’t got a care in the world

Just got a raise, it’s the best of all days

(But then there’s) (Except for) that guy on the corner

Where does he go when the day’s done

How’d he end up in this life

Something he did or he didn’t

Take a fool to think it’s alright

Who’s gonna speak for the voiceless

Who’s gonna stand and ask why

We need a daily reminder

But for the grace of the Lord, there go I