Some Fools  (©Chuck Auerbach "Remember Me")

Too little, too late, said the look in her eyes
There was no turning back, no way to undo the lies
Everything she believed, everything she held dear
It come pouring out, in one single tear

1st Chorus
Some fools, they waste all their money
Some fools, they waste all their time
You get one chance, when someone loves you
I'm the fool, wasted mine

After all I'd done, after all I'd put her through
Shouldn't be no surprise, that the devil'd get his due
There were words I could of said, like all the words I'd said before
But they just wouldn't come, couldn't hurt her anymore

Such a fool, such a loser
To use her love and play her off
Wasn't till I knew I'd lost her
That I knew how much I'd lost